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First Mortgage Loans

Competitive Rates And Hand-Holding Service.

You deserve the best! That’s why we offer the services of our credit union owned mortgage company, Community Mortgage Funding (CMF). This means you’ll benefit from competitive rates, excellent service, and the extensive experience of our seasoned mortgage professionals.

Whether you’re buying your first home, moving, refinancing, or taking cash out, we have a program for you. For your benefit, we offer Conventional Loans and Jumbo Loans in ALL STATES. FHA and VA loans are available in select states: (AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IL, KS, MI, MN, NV, NJ, OH, OK, OR, PA, TX, WA)

Loan Options:

* Ask us about our down payment and closing cost assistance program (Available in CA and NV)

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Our low cost Home Equity Loans are a great financing option to help pay for home improvements, education and more. Click here to learn more. 

Optimize your mortgage strategy, with our complimentary Mortgage Checkup. You’ll gain access to expert advice tailored to your unique financial situation, including finding out how much you need to save for a down payment, exploring home loan options to fit your personal goals, and much more. To get started call 877.915.3030.

And don’t forget our low cost Home Equity Loans are a great financing option to help pay for home improvements, education and more. Click here to learn more. 

CMF Home Rewards Program

Members have exclusive access to the CMF Home Rewards program that allows you to search for a home, hire a realtor and receive a discount. The discount offers you the following:

  • 20% rebate on the commission of the participating agent (home purchase)1
  • Learn more about how to save money when selling your home
  • Outstanding service from a trusted real estate agent in your local area

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Home Loan Resources

Introduction Packet: This provides information on the loan documents you'll need. Also, the types of home loans we offer at our mortgage company, CMF. Plus, what to expect during next steps in the home loan process.

Home Buying Webinar: In this recorded webinar, our experts will explain mortgage financing options including down payment assistance programs and breaking down the mortgage process from start to end.

Reverse Mortgage Webinar:  In this recorded webinar, our experts review the reverse mortgage process and candidly explain the pros and cons of this approach,  including the relative merits of conventional refinancing versus a reverse mortgage. 

Home Loan Process: Community Mortgage Funding’s Jennifer Montez breaks down the home-loan preparation process for you. Hear insider tips on how to prep for success. 

Refinancing: Thinking of refinancing your home? Get the facts to help make an informed decision, from Community Mortgage Funding expert Allen Young.

Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union: NMLS# 408877. Community Mortgage Funding, LLC, NMLS #266418. For full CMF licensing information, visit

1CMF Home Rewards: Rebate payment is made by HomeSmart Evergreen Realty and is credited to your benefit at the close of transaction. HomeSmart Evergreen Realty is not affiliated with Community Mortgage Funding, LLC. Commission Rebates are not allowed in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee. Information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice.

  • Sell a home and only pay a 1.5% listing fee. Does not include commission owed to Buyer's Agent 
  • Buy a home and receive a 20% rebate on your agent’s commission. 

2 With a Reverse Mortgage, no monthly mortgage payment is required. Borrowers are responsible for paying property taxes and homeowner’s insurance (which may be substantial). We do not establish an escrow account for disbursements of these payments. Borrowers must also occupy home as primary residence and pay for ongoing maintenance; otherwise the loan becomes due and payable. The loan must be paid off when the last borrower, or eligible non-borrowing surviving spouse, dies, sells the home, permanently moves out, or does not comply with the loan terms. A Reverse Mortgage increases the principal mortgage loan amount and decreases home equity (it is a negative amortization loan). These materials are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a government agency.