NEW! Farmers Premium Trust Account

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Attention Farmers Agents: Do you accept premium payments by cash, check or money order? Conventional sweep accounts come with “big bank” fees.  We have a better way.

Introducing our awesome, free, solution— the Farmers Premium Trust Account.

With this account, there’s no need to rush to the bank or ATM to deposit your client’s premium into a sweep account, in order to get a new policy up and running.

With our free, Premium Trust Account:

  1. Use your free, Premium Trust account to write a check on behalf of the policyholder
  2. Deposit the premium-payment check using your Farmers-approved premium deposit app

    For general requests regarding Farmers mobile app issues, please email contact the Agency Help Desk at (800) 638-8737.
  3. Deposit your clients’ cash, money order or check at one of our branches or at any of over 5,000 shared branches and 9,000 ATMs nationwide—with no fee!
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum balance
  • No inactivity fees
  • No check deposit holds
  • Debit card available-Deposits Only
  • First box of checks is free

Open Your Account Today!



The Farmers Premium Trust Account does not have Overdraft Protection. Debits will be returned unpaid when insufficient funds exist to cover the item. A fee of $30 will apply for each returned item.

To open and maintain this account, you must be a member of the Credit Union and maintain at least a Membership Savings Account.


1. The Farmers Premium Trust Account may be used only for the purpose of the deposit of insurance premiums on behalf of my insured policy holders and then credited to the appropriate Farmers Insurance Group® premiums account. This is a Demand Deposit Account, set up as a Transaction Account.

2. This account is not meant to deposit Farmers Insurance Group® premiums to any other account I hold with your institution. 

3. I may not deposit any funds other than Farmers Insurance Group® premiums to this account.

 4. There is no minimum balance requirement, no opening deposit requirement, and no account minimum.  This account will not earn dividends.

5. Checks will be accepted if made payable to me the Agent, to my Agency name, to Farmers Insurance Group Insurance or any combination thereof. While deposits made at Credit Union Service Centers and deposits made through foreign ATM may place holds on check deposits, you will make every effort to release these holds in an expeditious manner.

6. As a cash management convenience, I will use this account to deposit premiums that are to be credited to my Farmers Insurance Group® premiums account.

7. We will issue checks that will only be used to make Farmers Insurance Group® as payee and deposit through whatever means Farmers Insurance Group® allows including, but not limited to Farmers Insurance Group® APP.

8. I may request a Debit card for this account; if I make deposits by ATM (including any CO-OP network ATM) the ATM network may place a five-day hold on ALL deposits, including cash. Should I need immediate access to the funds I will notify the Credit Union to attempt to release the ATM holds.

9. If I request to close my membership which has a Farmers Premium Trust Account, the account will not be closed unless the account balance has been at $0.00 for a minimum of 30 days.

10. As a current member I may add this account to my membership. The Agency name may be added as joint owner on individual (non-corporate) accounts. Farmers Insurance Group® will not be added as a joint owner.

11. My account will be subject to all the fees as detailed in the most current FIGFCU Schedule of Fees.

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