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Board of Directors

Helping To Guide Progress


Jim Snikeris, Retired

Jim Snikeris


Michael Ashe, Retired

Michael Ashe


Carl Hackling, Head of Distribution

Carl Hackling
Head of Distribution


Danny Davidson, District Manager

Danny Davison
District Manager, Portland, OR


Marilyn Huntamer, Retired

Marilyn Huntamer


Ed McMahan, District Manager

Ed McMahan
District Manager, Phoenix, AZ


Rudy Trevino, Chief Compliance Officer

Rudy Trevino
Chief Compliance Officer, FGI


Lewis Williams, Head of Farmers IT

Lewis Williams
Head of Farmers IT Finance


Linda Sanazaro, Chairwoman of the Board

Linda Sanazaro
Chairwoman of the Board, Head of FGI FAR, ICFR & Corp Services


Robert Ratkovich, District Manager

Robert Ratkovich
District Manager, Scottsdale, AZ


Mary Barnard, Agent

Mary Barnard
Agent, San Jose, CA 


Mark Toohey, Associate Director

Mark Toohey
Associate Director