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  • See the Key Factors influencing your score in our Credit Score Tool on Tulee and in each monthly statement
  • No hit to your credit
  • Understand your financial health with educational content

To learn more about our Credit Score Tool watch the How Tulee video or download the infographic .

Once opted in, you will see your score in Tulee at the beginning of the following month. You'll never have to ask for it again (unless you ask us not to send it – then you'll have to ask all over again).

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I understand that only the Primary owner’s FICO® Scores will be shown. I as the account holder/primary owner, authorize and consent that any joint owner of this account or anyone to whom I have given access to my account online may view my FICO® Scores. I further understand that if I choose in the future to discontinue receiving my FICO® Scores, I can notify Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union of my decision to stop receiving FICO® Scores.

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