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Your Rewards

Loyalty Has Its Benefits!


The foundation of  a family like ours—a member cooperative—is members helping members. This ability to give back and share our profits with members differentiates us from other financial institutions.  So, we’ve developed a program based on this special relationship.  It’s our year-round way to reward you for your trust in us, and provide you with valuable benefits that go beyond the low loan rates and high savings rates you already know and love.

Your loyalty lets us do more for all our members. To thank you for this—we created the Your Rewards loyalty program!  

The best part—there’s no need to join! We check Your Rewards eligibility status quarterly, and as soon as you meet the qualification criteria, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the program. Once there, you can start taking advantage of these amazing benefits and rewards.  

Program Benefits At A Glance


Rewards Tier Qualifications*

Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union Your Rewards

  • Checking Account with $1,000+ monthly Direct Deposit
  • Minimum 1 year of active membership

Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union Your Rewards

Checking Account with $1,000+ monthly Direct Deposit, plus TWO of following:

  • Minimum 5 years of active membership
  • Any active loan with a balance (excludes Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Student and CMF loans)
  • Savings with a combined $10,000+ balance

Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union Your Rewards

Checking Account with $1,000+ monthly Direct Deposit, plus THREE of following:

  • Minimum 8 years of active membership
  • Any active loan with a balance (excludes Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Student and CMF loans)
  • Savings Product with combined $20,000+ balances
  • 3 referrals


Have questions? Contact your branch or call 800.877.2345.

YOUR REWARDS Loyalty Program Disclosures (effective 01/04/2020)

Your Rewards Loyalty Program recognizes your relationship with Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union (FIGFCU) in three top tiers as described in the Program description 1) Blue, 2) Red and 3) Gold. You will receive an invitation to join from FIGFCU, the accompanying notification/email will be used for identification purposes along with a “rewards ID” to be used for your participation in the Your Rewards Loyalty Program.  New accounts or services under joint ownership that I obtain which may qualify to become part of my Your Rewards Loyalty Program eligibility may not automatically be linked to my Your Rewards Loyalty Program. I agree to notify FIGFCU of any additional accounts or services that I may want to add to my participation in the Your Rewards Loyalty Program, now or in the future.

I acknowledge the receipt of the FIGFCU Your Rewards Loyalty Program tiers and participation levels, and understand that these terms may be amended from time to time. I also agree that the use of any product/benefit constitutes acceptance and agreement to be bound by the rules and regulations governing such product, service or reward.

Eligibility in the FIGFCU Your Rewards Loyalty Program does not require an application, tracking of qualifying services and activities it is automatic. All recognized members must qualify at time of service or product origination and maintain the defined preferred relationship for the term of enrollment by ongoing qualified participation/use of products or services. Change in eligibility status during the enrollment in the Your Rewards Loyalty Program may result in loss of future benefit(s) received. Benefits are not retroactive to previous balances for existing loans and deposits, or prior services. Future available/qualifying benefits are subject to change without notice effective January 4, 2021. Quarterly review of Your Rewards Loyalty Program reward levels will take place at month end of March, June, September and December of each year. Annual access will be granted based on Your Rewards eligibility. Upon notification of your qualification to the Your Rewards Loyalty program, you must provide any requested information, agree to the rules and terms of the group, these include: the use of profanity, spam or harassment of fellow participants or the Credit Union is prohibited and may be cause from removal from the Program. The Your Rewards Loyalty Program participants will be offered enrollment in a Private Facebook Group. Upon receipt of your agreement, FIGFCU will generally provide access to the qualifying benefits by the following business day. 

If your account relationship and/or activity no longer qualifies for the Your Rewards Loyalty Program discounts and incentives, your account will be subject to all the fees as detailed in the most current FIGFCU Schedule of Fees, Current Rate Sheet at and to our most recent version of FIGFCU Truth in Savings Agreement. FIGFCU reserves the right to remove a participant from the Program at any time. Any participation and activity used in the Your Rewards Loyalty Program including FIGFCU affiliated social media, and actual rewards may not be shared publicly, as this is a private group. The Group activity will be monitored Monday through Friday, during business hours by FIGFCU.   Participants may not post their FIGFCU member number or any related account number. Information shared in the group cannot be shared publicly.

For questions or concerns regarding the Farmers Your Rewards Loyalty Program, (if you cannot access via the special Your Rewards Loyalty Program number), you may call the Credit Union at 1.880.877.2345, or at our website at  or via mail at FIGFCU, P.O. Box 2723, Torrance CA, 90509-2723