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Privilege Pay

We'll Make Up The Difference

Imagine you have run out of gas and have no money in your checking account. When you choose Privilege Pay, your debit and ATM transactions are covered, even if there aren’t enough funds in your account. So now you can get fuel to get where you’re going. Whether it's emergency auto repairs or urgent medical care, we’re there to help. And we don’t charge an annual fee for this service. Effective May 07, 2020 each transaction will incur a $28 service charge. It’s sort of like having insurance for your checking account.

You can protect your account in other ways, too:

  • Get free alerts on your mobile phone or email with Alerts.
  • Check your Credit Union accounts, anytime, anywhere, with Mobile Banking.
  • Deposit and move money to your accounts to manage your funds with Online Deposit and Transfer Money.

Opt–in (Debit and ATM transactions only)

Terms and Conditions

  • All members are eligible to opt-in, including new and existing account holders.
  • Members must opt-in to be covered for Debit and ATM transactions.
  • Privilege Pay is automatically available for automatic payments (ACH) and check transactions; there is no need to opt-in.
  • Members get overdraft protection on their checking accounts that link to other existing lines of credit, savings, or credit cards if they have existing accounts. There is no charge for drawing from other accounts and your Credit Union uses these overdraft sources first, before Privilege Pay kicks in.
  • Members opting-in for Privilege Pay will have the same account terms, conditions, and features, including costs and account fees as those account holders who do not opt-in.
  • Members with Credit Union Direct Deposit (ACH credit of $1000+) are covered up to $1,000 in transactions.
  • Members without Credit Union Direct Deposit are covered up to $200 in transactions.
  • A $28 service charge will be posted to your checking account for each transaction. Daily maximum Credit Union charge on Privilege Pay is up to $112.
  • The Credit Union may not charge Overdraft Fees for any overdrafts paid on ATM and one-time debit card transactions for members who do not opt-in.
  • Opting into Privilege Pay does not guarantee payment.
  • You must show a positive balance in your account within 15 days of using Privilege Pay. If your account still has a negative balance after 15 days, we may suspend the use of Privilege Pay until you have a positive balance once again.

Members may opt-out at any time at