Rainy Day Savings We Help You Save Faster With This 3% rate

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Save For What Matters—Earn High Savings Rates

Welcome to greater flexibility, convenience, and high-interest savings.

Our savings plans are designed to work as you need them to—for rainy days, getaways, and holidays, for kids at college, or that deductible on your upcoming knee surgery. So choose the right account for you and start earning a high savings rate today!

Online Savings HIGHER RATE!

Easily save without having to invest large sums for a GREAT rate. We upped our Online Savings rate so you save more – faster! Click to open one of the best online savings accounts around.

Learn more about Online Savings>>

Membership Savings

Keep and earn more with this savings account. Most banks don’t offer much of an earning rate but this account pays you back more. And, automatic deposits make saving even easier. Plus, there’s no monthly fee, so you’ll reach your savings goals quicker.

Learn more about Membership Savings>>

Rainy Day Savings

Saving money for emergencies can seem challenging with everyday expenses to worry about. But, our Rainy Day Savings account can make it simple and painless. We’ll show you how saving small amounts over time can really add up—saving you financial stress. And, this account has a super-high earning rate. Making it one of the best high interest savings accounts anywhere.

Learn more about Rainy Day Savings>>

Lucky Savings

When it comes to earning money for members, we leave nothing to chance! The more you save, the more entries you’ll receive to win hundreds of dollars in cash prizes each month! Our Lucky Savings account locks in a high interest rate, and gives you a chance to win an awesome cash bonus on top.

Learn more about Lucky Savings>>

Money Market

A Money Market account is what happens when the high-yield rates of a Certificate of Deposit and the benefits of a Checking account collide. Your savings are easy to access and earn more! Get higher rates for higher balances, plus check-writing abilities, so you have access to your money when and how you need it.

Learn more about Money Market>>

Holiday Club

We’re like little financial elves that transfer money right into your Holiday Club savings account for you, helping you save up for the holidays effortlessly. Save up the amount you need without paying monthly fees! Consider it the perfect stress-free, don’t-give-it-a-second-thought, high-interest way to save money for the holidays.

Learn more about Holiday Club>>

My Account

Want to know how to save money for a house or a car? Maybe you want to save money for travel, or your kids. We can help you save money for the things that are important to you with this high rate account. Transfer money automatically and withdraw your funds on the day your reach your savings goal!

Learn more about My Account>>

Tax Saver

Save for taxes the easy, stress-free way! Set up automatic deposits into this savings account to save for your quarterly or annual taxes. There’s no monthly fee and you’ll earn a high interest rate. So, when tax time comes back around, you’ll be covered.

Learn more about Tax Saver>>

Health Savings Account

You want a boat and tropical vacations. Instead, you get stuck paying doctor bills. We can help take the sting out, by giving you tax-free savings on qualifying medical expenses. Your Health Savings Account—or HSA—gives you tax benefits, earns high interest rate, and more. Plus, you get a debit card to conveniently access your money.
And, unlike a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), there is no "use it or lose it" clause at the end of each year. The money you contribute is yours to keep.

Learn more about HSAs >>

Certificate of Deposit

Get amazingly-high interest rates with our Certificates. Plus, enroll in Direct Deposit, and we’ll pay you even higher rates! So, you’ll earn more money on your savings. And, we have special bonuses for kids and seniors to help them earn even more.

NEW! SmartStart Certificate

Learn how to qualify for our amazing 10%—yes you read that right—SmartStart Certificate. It’s our special way to say thank you to our members.

Learn more about Certificates of Deposit>>

Education Savings Account

Your kids want to go to college and that can cost a lot. But, we are here to help your family save for college with our Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA). It’s the best way to save for your kid’s college expenses—including books, tuition, and much more—all with tax benefits.

Learn more about ESAs>>


We want to help you have the retirement you’ve been dreaming of. And, an IRA at your Credit Union can make a big difference! It’s one of the best ways to save for retirement. We can also help you make sense of the savings rules and regulations so you can save smarter.

Learn more about IRAs>>

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