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Mobile Check Deposit

Make Deposits Wherever You Are

If checks could take selfies, they would. But you can take a picture of a check (actually two pictures, the front and back) and deposit a check from your phone or tablet. Save time and have fun making deposits, anytime, from the Tulee digital banking app.

  • FREE
  • Great for business
  • No expensive hardware needed
  • Save time – never wait in line to make a deposit again
  • Available 24/7 – no need to leave your home or office

To make a Mobile Check Deposit, log in to our digital banking app Tulee, and choose the Mobile Check Deposit tool. 

Click the button below to download the Tulee app today!

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How can I sign up for Mobile Check Deposit?
You can register for Mobile Check Deposit by logging in to Tulee and clicking on the Remote Check Deposit tool icon. 

Does everyone qualify for this service?
To qualify for Mobile Check Deposit, members must meet the following criteria:

  • Have no NSF activity within the last 6 months
  • Have a checking account in good standing
  • If membership has been opened for less than 6 months, member must have Direct Deposit to qualify
  • Please note: A member may lose the right to use the service after first irregularity violation

Is there a limit to the dollar amount of the check that I can deposit?
Yes, there is a per check limit and a daily/30 rolling days limit.

  • Member without Direct Deposit - $1,000 per day
  • Non-Agent Members with Direct Deposit - $5,000 per day
  • Agent Members with Direct Deposit - $10,000 per day

How quickly will the deposit credit my account?
Checks submitted and approved for deposit will credit your account within one business day. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

How quickly will the funds be available for me to use?
Please refer to our Funds Availability Policy to find out how soon your deposit will be available for your use.

What types of checks cannot be submitted using Mobile Check Deposit?
The following items cannot be submitted for deposit using Mobile Check Deposit:

  1. Savings Bonds
  2. Foreign Checks (checks issued by a financial institution in a foreign country)
  3. Checks previously endorsed by Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union
  4. Any item that is "stale dated" or "post dated"
  5. Any item that is incomplete (i.e. missing the date, missing the payee, etc.)
  6. Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the check
  7. Any item that is stamped with a "non-negotiable" watermark
  8. Any third party check, i.e., made payable to another party and then endorsed to you

How should I endorse the check?
The back of each check must include:

  1. The words "For deposit only at Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union"
  2. The account number to which the check is being deposited
  3. Today's date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  4. The payee's signature

PLEASE NOTE: If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, we reserve the right to reject the check for deposit.

What else will I need to do to send in my deposit?
After you endorse the back of the check(s) according to the indications above, you will need to do the following:

  1. Write "scanned" on the front of the check(s)
  2. Log in to Tulee digital banking
  3. Click on the Mobile Check Deposit tool icon
  4. Select your scanner (you will only need to do this one time)
  5. Enter the total deposit amount of your check(s)
  6. Scan the front and back of your check(s)
  7. Review and submit your deposit

How long should I hold on to my check(s) after I scan it using Mobile Check Deposit?
Once you have scanned your check(s) and your deposit has been credited to your account, you should securely store the original check(s) for 60 days before destroying it.

When loading the checks, what type of files does the system support?
JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Check images must be greater than 2.3" (460 pixels) and less than 4.5" (900 pixels) high and greater than 5.7" (1140 pixels) and less than 9.4" (1880 pixels) long. An error can also occur if the front and rear check images are different in size.

If I have questions, where can I go to receive help?
If you are logged into Tulee, you can send us a message via the Communication Center. 
You can also send an email to or call 800.877.2345.