FIGFCU Financial Wellness Check | A Free, Relaxed Review Of Your Finances
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Financial Wellness Check

Health Makes Wealth


Complete your check up today and unlock a personalized Financial Plan

You visit your physician for a checkup— to make sure you’re healthy and to keep it that way. The same general principle applies to your finances.

That’s why we developed our Financial Wellness Check. It’s a proven resource to keep you “financially healthy” by growing wealth more efficiently, avoiding financial pitfalls, and keeping you on the path to financial freedom.

We recommend—like a physical—that you have one at least once a year. In less than 5 minutes, you can receive a personalized Financial Plan to help you build a better financial life.

Stay healthy!

Start Your Check Up

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Do you know the difference between a Credit Union and Bank?

Who do you use as your primary financial institution?

My credit score is:


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What are you saving for? (Click all that apply)

How much do you currently have saved? (not including retirement accounts)

What interest rate are you receiving on the funds you are currently saving?


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What type of loans/debt do you currently have? (check all that apply)

Do you pay your cards in full each month or do you carry a balance?


Please fill out the form and unlock a personalized Financial Plan.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is the annual rate of interest that is paid on an investment, without taking into account the compounding interest within that year. Rates are subject to change at anytime.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is the annualized rate based on a compounding period of one year. When the deposited money earns dividends and the accumulated dividends starts earning dividends as well, we are talking about compounding. Fees could reduce the earnings on an account. All yields except Certificate yields are subject to change retroactively to the beginning of the month.

Zero Percent (0%) Introductory Rate Promotion for purchases, is offered for new FIGFCU Select Visa®, Crystal Visa®, and Visa® Platinum Credit Card account holders. This incentive offer, is not available to those members who are opening a new FIGFCU Visa and had an outstanding balance or a closed FIGFCU Zero Percent Loan account and/or had any FIGFCU Credit Card within the last year. If you are in an introductory rate promotion period, you are not eligible to transfer other loan balances, line of credit balances, credit card account balances or CASH Advance to take advantage of the introductory rate promotion. For full disclosures visit,