FIGFCU Folio Direct Deposit | A Great Farmers Agent Benefit
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Folio Direct Deposit

Benefits For Agents And District Managers

When you set up Folio Direct Deposit to a Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union checking account, you get additional benefits you can’t get at a bank.

  • If folio posts late, we'll cover checks scheduled to clear during the delay for free, up to your average folio amount
  • Folio will always be deposited with an effective date of the 1st so you don't lose any dividends

Plus, when you set up Folio Direct Deposit into a Credit Union checking account, you are eligible for up to a 0.50% rate discount on eligible loans.

Setting up or changing your Folio Direct Deposit is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log onto the Agency Dashboard
  2. On the left hand side find Take the Lead Strategy
  3. Scroll down to find Operations
  4. Select Agency Services including Agency Self Service
  5. Click Menu (4 stacked lines) and then select Direct Deposit
  6. Enter your SSN, Account Type, Account Holder Name, Bank Account # (twice) and Routing #322077795 (twice).
  7. Then, click Submit.
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