Round It Up at FIGFCU | Frequently Asked Questions
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Round It Up

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Do Round It Up transfers apply to checks written on my account?
No. Round It Up transfers only apply to debit card transactions.

When will the first Round It Up transfer take effect after I enroll?
Any transactions made after you enroll will be included in the Round It Up program.

What if I don't have enough funds to cover the transfer?
If there are not enough funds to cover the full savings transfer, no transfer will be made. Round It Up transfers will not utilize any overdraft source, including Lines of Credit or Privilege Pay.

How can I find out how much Round It Up money has been transferred from my checking account to my savings?
You may review your Round It Up transfer transactions, checking and savings account balances via Tulee Digital Banking. 

Will the Round It Up amount show on the purchase receipt I receive from a merchant?

I returned some merchandise purchased with my debit card and received a credit. What happens?
If your Credit Union debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the corresponding Round It Up savings transfer remains in the savings account.

Will I need a new debit card if I sign up for the Round It Up program?
No, you will continue to use your current debit card.

My spouse and I have a joint checking account with individual debit cards. Will the Round It Up program apply to both cards?
Yes. Round It Up transfers will apply to transactions for multiple debit cardholders of joint checking accounts.

May I transfer my Round It Up savings to another membership?
No. The Round It Up savings transfers must be transferred to your savings account contained within the same membership.

May I contribute additional money to my savings account?
Yes, you may add to your personal savings account at any time.

May I transfer funds to any of my savings accounts?
No. Funds will be transferred only to your primary Credit Union savings account. Other savings accounts, like savings club accounts for example, are not eligible.

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