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Flex Loan

Now There’s No Excuse!

Call today to learn how much cash you’ll free up to get and stay above the line, with our new Flex Loan—exclusive to Credit Union members only!

You won’t find a similar product anywhere else. It combines rates as low as 3.99%*, AND lower monthly payments, all on terms you control.

To better suit your needs, Flex Loans start out fixed for an initial term of 3, 5, 7 or 10 years, then transition to a variable loan for the remainder of the 15-year term.

Take advantage of the monthly savings to bump up your staff count, make a marketing push or acquire new book of business!

  • Average savings** of $250 a month to put into marketing and staffing

  • Minimum $15,000

  • No pre-payment penalty, unlike most competitors

  • Agency Secured and Acquisition Loan options available, for more ways to grow

Are you a District Manager? Ask your local business consultant to come out and speak with you and your agents. They’d be delighted to answer questions and discuss specific needs.

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