FIGFCU SmartStart Certificate | Earn 10% With This 12-Month Certificate
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SmartStart Certificate

Love Us? Get Rewarded With 10%!


Yes.  You read that right.  Our new, SmartStart Certificate offers a 10% return! It’s just one way we like to say “Thank You” to new members, and to existing members who like us enough to refer others.

  • Term of 12-months
  • $1,000 minimum/maximum deposit
  • Earn 10% APR+
  • Direct Deposit required to open

Qualifying for this fantastic Certificate is easy!

NEW Members:

  • Apply within 60 days of joining the Credit Union
  • Enroll in free Direct Deposit (min. $1000 per month)


  • You’re eligible for one Certificate for each person you successfully refer—no limits
  • Enroll, or already be enrolled in, free Direct Deposit (min. $1,000 per month)
  • The new member must also enroll in Direct Deposit and open a SmartStart Certificate

Click here to refer a new member—co-workers, family members or employees of agents all qualify to become Credit Union members.

Make the smart choice today!

Open a SmartStart Certificate by visiting your local branch
or give us a call at 800.877.2345.


SmartStart Certificate and SmartStart IRA Certificate¹ effective August 12, 2019 (requires new money) – Open to “new members*” during their first 60 (sixty) days of membership, or to members that make a successful qualifying new membership referral/s** to the Credit Union. New members can open only one SmartStart Certificate or SmartStart IRA Certificate subject to (Direct Deposit in aggregate of $1,000*** per calendar month into a Credit Union checking account requirement).  Minimum balance to open any certificate at FIGFCU subject to Terms and Conditions and as disclosed on the Credit Union’s rate sheet and Truth In Savings Agreement.  This product is available as a non-IRA or IRA. 

Referring member is eligible for a SmartStart Certificate/s if they meet the Direct Deposit requirement (they can start within 60 days of qualifying new membership opening, or have, existing Direct Deposit). A referring member will have the option to open a SmartStart Certificate or receive the current referral bonus once the “Referred Member” has remained a member for 60 days. Referring member cannot receive both.  The qualifying referring member must open a Certificate using “new money****” and establishes the required Direct Deposit with the Credit Union. There is no limit to the number of SmartStart Certificates opened by a single member so long as the preceding qualifications of one qualifying membership per SmartStart Certificate along with Direct Deposit are met.  If the member wants to deposit funds in excess of $1,000.00 into a 12 month CD, the Credit Union will open another 12 month CD at the standard rate for the additional funds. $1,000 (one thousand) is the minimum and maximum amount to open the SmartStart Certificate. SmartStart Certificate 10% rate and 10.47% APY(Annual Percentage Yield). Bonus dividends will be treated as standard dividend postings to the share certificate account and available for withdrawal under the standard terms and conditions of the Share Certificate programs.

Penalties: A substantial penalty is imposed for failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the Credit Union’s certificate.  If certificate funds other than posted dividends are withdrawn before maturity date, there will be a standard forfeiture of dividends and/or principal in addition to the terms and conditions of the Share Certificate.  If the referring or the qualifying new member discontinues Direct Deposit, qualifying rates will be adjusted manually to the current standard rate. Early withdrawal penalty applies and  bonus amount can be forfeited, if bonus has already been withdrawn, the Credit Union reserves the right to recover fees from any share account held with the Credit Union and including the principal balance of the qualifying certificate.  Fees could reduce earnings and affect IRA distribution if applicable. Consult your tax advisor. These certificates will automatically renew to a non-promotional certificate upon maturity. Certificates maturing during the promotional period will not automatically renew to the promotional bonus and corresponding rate.  The promotional offer can be discontinued at any time without advanced notice. No online account opening. Accounts rollover to the standard 12-month Certificate at the time of maturity.

Members must call 800.877.2345 or visit one of the Credit Union’s convenient branch locations to verify eligibility and take advantage of these promotional rates on new qualifying certificates.

Member’s savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

To contact us, click here or call 800.877.2345.  This correspondence is sent by Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union, 2255 N. Ontario Street Suite 320 Burbank, CA 91504

Smart Certificates¹ require new money (funds not currently on deposit with the Credit Union). *New member is a member who does not currently have a Credit Union membership or had a membership in their name within the last180 days. ** This SmartStart Certificate is not eligible for any additional bonus, i.e. “age bump, DDEP, etc.” ***Direct Deposit, ACH deposit, in aggregate of $1,000 per calendar month into a Credit Union checking account is necessary for the promotional rate to be applied to the qualified Certificate. If upon review it is found that either the qualifying member or the benefitting account holder is no longer eligible for promotional rate due to not meeting the Direct Deposit or membership requirements the Certificate rate will be adjusted to the then current Standard 12 month Certificate rate. Only referring party qualifies for SmartStart Certificate, employees, officials and their immediate family members are not eligible for bonus and cannot open SmartStart Certificates. .

Promotional rates and terms subject to change at any time.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and The Equal Credit Opportunity Act.