Welcome to Credit Sense
Welcome to Credit Sense

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Introducing your smart, one-stop, online resource for all things “credit."

See your credit report daily and discover and correct costly reporting errors to enhance your score and save you money with better interest rates
Reduce and consolidate debt — see how much you could save on existing loans (e.g. home, auto, other) with lower-cost alternatives from the Credit Union
Monitor and reduce credit card debt—see balances for all your cards with suggested Credit Union card alternatives that could cut interest payments and lower debt
There are 3 credit bureaus that score your credit in slightly different ways. We offer 2 of these scores for free, so you can manage your credit better.
1. FICO. On your statements and the one we track for lending decisions.
2. Vantage. Access here. May be used by other lenders and good comparison to other scores.

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Signing Up For Credit Sense Is Simple.

Log in to Mobile Banking
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Then, tap the GET

Enter basic information
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Note: this is a soft pull,
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Why is it a good idea to review both FICO and Vantage Scores?
You may not realize this, but FICO is not the only major kind of score used by the major credit reporting agencies. They also use a newer kind of score called Vantage. Here are a few things you should know.
  1. What is a Vantage Score?
    • Vantage is a newer kind of credit score, which is similar to FICO, and is endorsed by all the major credit reporting agencies.
    • Because Vantage is newer; however, it isn’t used as widely as FICO, so many lenders, like your Credit Union for example, check credit using only FICO for lending decisions.
  2. What scores does your Credit Union use?
    • Your Credit Union only checks your credit using FICO. For example, the Credit Union will use FICO score when opening a new account and for all its lending decisions. This is the also the score that you will find on your quarterly statements, if you opt in to receive it.
    • We still recommend; however, that you review your Vantage Score, which is why we made it available to you on our Credit Sense site. Other financial institutions you do business with may, in fact, use this score in making lending and other decisions.
  3. How are Vantage and FICO scores similar, and how do they differ?
    • Both FICO and Vantage use an overall credit score range from 300 (worst) to 850 (best). And, both consider similar general factors in creating your score – so, if you remember to pay bills on time and use less of your card credit limits, for example, both your scores would improve.
    • But, there are important differences. The sub ranges in each kind of score do not exactly match up. E.g. with FICO, an “exceptional” score is 800-850, but in Vantage the equivalent, “excellent,” is 750 – 850.
    • This means you should NOT compare your FICO directly with your Vantage – the numbers will be slightly different. But, you should generally fall in the same range for both. E.g. if you are “good” in one, you should be “good” in another.
    • If this is not the case, and you are “good” in one and “fair” in another, an example could be because each kind of score places different levels of importance on some factors, and you might need to check further.
    • For example, while both scores will ding your credit score for a late payment, FICO will penalize all kinds of late payment to the same degree. However, with Vantage, it will hit you harder if you are late on your mortgage than on a credit-card payment. This is yet another important reason we are making this score available to you as well as FICO.

So, be vigilant and monitor BOTH scores so you can manage both of them and keep both heading in the right direction.

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