FIGFCU Agency Support Loan | 0% Interest For 13 Months
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NEW! Agency Support Loan

0% APR For 13 Months

We understand cash flow may be an issue during these economically challenging times, and limit opportunities for growth. That’s why we’ve introduced our Agency Support Loan-- available for a limited time only. 

Use the money interest-free for 13 months to help your agency thrive! 

  • 0% APR for 13 months, then rate converts to 8.74% APR† (with direct deposit) or 9.74% APR† (without) for rest of term
  • 36 month term
  • Up to $40,000 (minimum of $5,000)
  • Easy, fast application process
  • For agents only

Speak to your business consultant to review this and other options or call 800.877.2345.  
But don’t delay – funds are limited so this offer is first come first served.

Apply Now

†8.74% APR (with Direct Deposit) 9.74% APR(without Direct Deposit) = The Agency Support Loan is Variable Rate Loan. The APR may increase if there is an increase in the Wall Street Journal (Index) Prime Rate. The cost of your credit as a yearly rate will be 0.00% for months 1 through 13 of this agreement. The cost of your credit as a yearly rate is reflected in the interest rate above for months 14* through 36 of this agreement. The monthly payment amount for this loan will not change. *The increased rate is in effect of day one, of month 14, (the date after the 13th payment due date of this agreement) Should you default on this loan the “Default Rate” of 18% will be in effect which may result in additional payments needing to be made.

New money only loan - internal refinances excluded.